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We can provide a full range of options to make sure your amplifier is healthy and working well, including:


  • Valve change and bias

  • Pot cleaning

  • Contacts cleaned

  • Valves replaced and biased

  • Switches checked

  • Wiring integrity checked

  • Etc.


Sometimes things go wrong and you find that your great amp isn't playing so great anymore. Repairs are a fact of life but we can help you get through it:


  • Valve replacement

  • Transformer replacement

  • Dry joints re-flowed

  • Capacitors changed

  • General circuit repairs

  • Etc.


Maybe your amp doesn't sound quite like you hoped it would, maybe you're worried that known issues will stop you in your tracks. We can make sensible modifications to bring your amp closer to your ideal:


  • Push-Pull pots

  • Bright switches

  • Attenuators

  • Speaker changes

  • Wiring modifications

  • Etc.


Kit Builds

We can also offer our expertise for building kit amps. If you've spotted something that you like the look of but you're not sure if you can put it together yourself then we can do this on your behalf.


We are also able to provide cabs for your kit in either head or combo format in a variety of tolex and grill finishes. The choice is yours but keep in mind that the timing of completion may be subject to the availability of your preferred materials.


Bluebird Amplifiers is an official UK Service Centre for Ceriatone guitar amplifier kits. To view the range of kits on offer click here.

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Amplifier Servicing, repairs and modifications


Your amplifier may have served you well over many years or maybe it is new to you and you just want to make sure it is working well. Whatever work your amplifier needs, we can provide it.

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