OD50 Combo

  • 50 watt

  • 6L6 Valves

  • Two channels; clean and overdrive

  • Bright switch

  • Mid boost

  • Rock/Jazz switch

  • 50 watt to 20 watt low power switch

  • External speaker jack

  • Celestion Seventy 80 speaker

  • 2 button footswitch 


Based on the very famous amp of similar design, this model has a number of tweaks:


  • Footswitch socket and channel/boost switches on the front of the amp

  • Overdrive gain trim pot on the front of the amp

  • Added overdrive gain trim switch for 3 levels of gain

  • Effects loop with send and return controls

  • Removable centre rear panel for closed or open back operation


£950.00 Excl Shipping

AH15 1x12 Combo

The AH15 is a Hand Wired 15W valve guitar combo designed to deliver vintage guitar tones.


Using a mix of classic and unusual circuit design this all valve combo will provide a wealth of classic and modern tones to suit most guitar styles.


Inspired by some great vintage classic amps, it incorporates features and tones from the best of them.


What’s it gonna sound like?


Classic Blues is the order of the day here.


Vintage style crunch and sustain like early 50’s American amps but with boosted gain levels, more tonal control and the flexibility of a controlled response output section.


This is the blues in a box!


Output: 15 watts
Power Valves: 2no 6V6
Rectifier: Solid State
Preamp Valves: 2no 12AX7
Channels: 1no
Inputs: 1no

Controls: Gain, Treble, Bass, Master Volume
Power Amp Response (power limiter)

Reverb: No
Output Impedance: 4ohm, 8ohm or 16ohm
Speaker: 1no 12" Tayden High Brit 50
Tolex: Purple (yes, purple!)
Grill Cloth: Marshall Salt and Pepper

£599.00 Excl Shipping

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