Bluebird Amplifiers are often at the Northern Guitar Shows events.


These shows are very well attended,  they expect to have more than 1500 visitors during each single day event.


On display will be our current crop of stock amps and our overdrive pedals.


We will have a guitar on the stand in case you didn't bring yours and you can try out the amps and the pedals together to see what you think of the sounds available.


You can also talk to us about any repairs or modifications you might want doing to your own amp or maybe even discuss a bespoke custom built amp project.


Come and visit us at the shows, it's what we're going to be there for!

Bluebird Amplifiers ... also makes pedals!

Since we love all things related to helping guitars make a proper noise, we have started to make these overdrive pedals!


Based on a certain famous and hard to come by pedal named after a mythical half man half horse beast .... you know the one .... this pedal is a very transparent and rich sounding overdrive.


These are now available on our stock page.

Bluebird Amplifiers becomes an official Ceriatone Service Centre

Having built several Ceriatone kits in years gone past, Bluebird Amplification is very pleased to be able to report that it has been approved by Ceriatone as an official Service Centre for its kit build products.


Nik Azam at Ceriatone commented "We'd be honoured to have you on board, especially with the expertise you offer." 


"It's great to have the recognition of a company like Ceriatone. We're very pleased to be able to offer UK based build and support facilities for these high quality products" said Neil Lewis of Bluebird Amplifiers.


You can go to the Ceriatone wesite to find out more by clicking on their logo to the left.

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