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Hand Wired Goodness!

The core electronics of our amplifiers are hand wired on turret board. We use capacitors and resitors which mirror the methods used back when amplifiers of this type were conceived.  All our materials are sourced from long established suppliers to ensure we can offer you a top quality end product.

Real World Usable Features

It's fine to follow the build techniques and configurations of the builders of yesteryear, but it's also important to make sensible improvements to make the life of the modern guitarist easier. Where appropriate we add master volumes, effects loops and other features that make our amps really easy to use in today's gigging environment.

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Shane Dolman


Shane is the technical brains behind our amp designs. He has been designing , building and modding amps professionally for over 15 years.

Having designed amps for other top boutique amp companies, Bluebird represents the culmination of his ideas for the ultimate in guitar amps for the discerning player. A semi-pro guitar player for over 30 Years,  he understands the needs of the guitar player at all levels.

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We like doing things the old fashioned way!


There are a number of ways you can approach building guitar amplifiers and dealing with customers. Our view is that, just like some of the technology used to build your heros amps, sometimes the traditional ways are the most appropriate. We work really hard at making our products the best we can and your experience of buying from us enjoyable.

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